Video Games and Smart Home Appliances

Famous among kids, teenagers, and kids at heart adults are video games. Way back on the 90’s, when fun can only be found on the streets or in playgrounds, the society was still a socializing community. As technology advances, programmers and technicians have created a form of entertainments that is better above others. The evolution of video games started from a simple mechanisms like brick games, that simple screens, and coding to play. It then evolved into a Gameboy which has a more advanced system and requires higher coding skills. Later on, PSP (with different varieties and levels), PS Series, and computer games emerged.

Three of the top video game devices are PS4, XBOX, and VR. PS4 is the latest device of that series which started with PS1, then PS2, and so on. Famous games like NBA 2k17; Skyrim, Diablo, GTA V and many more games can be played using this device. Each gamer opts to choose PS4 since it allows multiple players, maximum of 4. You can use this in bonding with your family, friends, and loved ones. Xbox is the rival of PS4. Momentarily, there are emerging debates on which among this two is better. Although each has its own unique system and special features, everything depends on the preferences of the players and what particular game they want to play. The most advanced form of video gaming is through the use of Virtual Reality Devices like Oculus. This game features a walking and visual simulator device that will be used to move and see through the games available. This is far better than PS4 and Xbox since it doesn’t involve much of pressing on consoles but rather on motion sensors. Although this technology might be the newest trend nowadays, many still prefer PS4 or Xbox, since VR has certain limitations to its system.

In terms of Video Games, the top most played is GTA or Grand Theft Auto Five. It features a reality environment that has a criminal as the main character. Children and adults like this type of game that involves missions on a helicopter, jets, tanks, and a bonus love life.

Instead of buying these devices, you can also buy smart home appliances that can give your house a boost. Most of the best appliances are kitchen appliances that give ease of access to cooking. From techy gas stoves to smart refrigerators and cool heavy duty blenders, you can pick them all in Mann Made TV.

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